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We can teach you the craft and inspire you with the work of other artists and with amazing products, but the art comes from inside of you. We get excited watching how students interpret their ideas in a range of media. It's our favourite part of being involved with Quirky Ltd!

Most classes are held in our spacious classroom at the Creative Focus creativity centre on the WITT campus in New Plymouth. But we occasionally offer classes in other parts of the country.

Upcoming Classes

Fast Faces

Saturday 5 September, 10 am - 3 pm - $65
Our professional face-painter will teach your school gala team how to do ten super-popular faces super fast and painlessly!

We've seen the long lines, the dodgy products, the smeared faces, and the harassed painters who got thrown in the deep end - come and we'll teach how to effortlessly wrangle your brushes and proper paints.

We've also successfully taught 10+ yr olds to paint at a competent level for their school gala

We hire our professional kits out to people we have trained - cheaper than buying a set of cheap face paints.

Scribe Tribe

Fridays 4-6pm, 5 sessions 28 August - 25 September - $55
If you are aged 8 years and up, and adore playing with words and making them obey you, then The Scribe Tribe are your people. Grab your current writing project, or start with a blank page, and join our five-session workshop. Learn how to be a great story-teller!

Henna Body Art Class

Friday 18 September, 6.30 - 9.00, Creative Focus, New Plymouth $40
Henna, or Mehndi, is a beautiful traditional form of body art, practiced in many different countries, using a paste made from the ground leaves of the henna shrub, which stains the skin for around a couple of weeks.
Our henna class will introduce you to mixing your own natural chemical-free henna paste, and making henna cones for application. We will cover the essential design elements that you need to master to be able to make beautiful designs.
The class fee will include a mini kit of henna powder, essential oils, cone material, instructions and practice sheets for you to continue your learning with.
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Absolute Beginners:
These classes are ideal as an introduction to a craft. They are short (2-4 hours) and sweet ($25 - $40) and successful - you will usually complete a project during the class and have something to take home. You don't need to bring a thing for most classes - the essentials are all supplied. Books of designs are available to help with that inspiration thing. Workshop Dates and Bookings
Fundraising workshops:
We run our Absolute Beginners class as a fundraiser for community groups - kindergartens, schools, etc. Everything about the workshop is the same, but the group gets people to sign up for classes, and we give them $10 for every student who attends. Contact us for details.
Something More:
These classes are for students who have the basics under control. They're usually five or six hours - either a full day, or a couple of evenings, and they focus on a larger project. You will need to bring a sewing machine for sewing-based classes. Dates and online Bookings. Extra studio time is included free if you don't get your project finished.
For 5 - 13 yr olds

$16.00 per session or $32 per day, Sessions are: 10 am - 12 noon, 1.00 - 3.00 pm (supervised lunch period).

The schedule for the next school holidays will be announced about 3 weeks before the end of term at www.quirky.co.nz/holidays/.

Children's Classes

We can also customise creative classes for children for school groups, birthday parties and other occasions: Contact us if you'd like to arrange a class.

Go Private
Get at least 4 friends together a book a private class in any of our crafts. How about making a group mosaicor a quilt as a very special gift for a special event? Contact us for details.

All other scheduled workshops run with a minimum of 4 students.

If you are a competent teacher/craftsperson and interested in teaching your craft, we're interested in providing free advertising, teaching space and administration for you! Contact us.

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