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Kai Moana

Artist: Min White

Media: Glass tiles, stained glass, glass gems, craft paint, safety glass, paua and spirula tiles on customwood mirror frame.

(On its way to a new home in Canada!)

This piece just grew "like Topsy" - starting out with the iridescent tiles and seeking things to complement them, until a design evolved.

Now and Zen

Artist: Min White

Media: Ceramic and mirror on Teracotta Pot


This pot features the symbol for the Chinese year of the Monkey, which happens to be Min's sign.

"The name originated from the way I worked on it sporadically over quite a few months, often as a demonstration piece."

Smashed Paisley

Artist: Min White

Media: Safety glass and glass paints on glass vase

Price: $NZ95.00

Currently on show at Real Tart Gallery, New Plymouth

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