Quirky Ltd.

Pricing and Currency Policy

All prices on this website are set in New Zealand dollars. However, since Paypal does not offer transactions in $NZ, all purchases via Paypal will be transacted at the $US price indicated.

Although we attempt to update our conversion rates daily, the rate we publish may differ from that applied by your bank to convert $US back to your currency.

Other currencies are provided as a guideline only.

Payment Options

New Zealand Residents
New Zealand residents may pay by any of the following methods:
  1. Cash — Only if you visit us. Please do not mail cash.
  2. Cheque — Orders paid by cheque will not be dispatched until funds have cleared.
  3. Electronic Transfer — The preferred method. Details of our bank account will be sent with your order confirmation.
  4. Paypal — Paypal transactions will be in $US and price may vary according to currency conversions.
International Purchases

Paypal is currently our only option for international sales.

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